Christa Belle of Hungry Lucy = Unicorn Butter Woman

It’s Monday.  Oh is it a Monday.  I woke up at 0300 and couldn’t get back to sleep.  Like an idiot I just stayed in bed thinking maybe I would fall back to sleep.  I didn’t of course and I could have been using that time to be productive.  Such as finishing the photo edit I’m doing on a shoot I did on Saturday.

Except that wouldn’t have worked out either as my hard drive died.  Rather it is dying.  Data has not been lost (I don’t think) and the replacement drive is formatting even now.  Soon the transfer will begin.

The two good parts of the day?  Coffee with four other small business owners to discuss things about how to go from being a start-up to being able to afford food.  And the way, way, way too adorable girl I talked to at a store downtown.  So adorable in fact that if I were a weaker man I’d make her this weeks Unicorn Butter Woman because she has the most adorable butt ever.  Jupiter’s cock!  It was all I could do to not drop to my knees and shove my face into that smoking hot ass.  But I’m a classy kinda guy.  Just ask your sister. So I didn’t.  I just stared at her and drooled on myself.  And the rest of her is damn spiffy as well.  Maybe in the future.

The Unicorn Butter Woman for this week is . . .

Christa Belle of the band Hungry Lucy.

Christa Belle. The voice of Hungry Lucy

Christa Belle. The voice of Hungry Lucy

I discovered Hungry Lucy by accident.  I think it was while listening to Pandora but I could be wrong.  The first album I came across was Apparitions.  I has a Gothic feel, but the good kind of Gothic.  Not the “I’m a 16 year old white girl from an upper middle-class family who has an iPhone, iPod and MacBook and wear all black clothing and too much mascara but I don’t smoke because it’s bad for me” kind of Gothic.  The legit Wuthering Heights kind of Gothic.

It’s like a musical ghost story.  Obviously I recommend you listen to this album.

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Hungry Lucy on YouTube

Hungry Lucy has a slew of music available for free – free as in beer – at their Jamendo page.  If you don’t know about Jamendo it’s like iTunes.  Only it doesn’t suck.  You can download music for free.  It’s not run by a corporation which is worshipped by fan boys who masturbate every time Steve Jobs farts and you can purchase (for money, not free) the commercial rights to the music found there.  That means you can legally use the music for projects and the money goes to the musicians.  Not the recording companies.  You can also donate to the musicians if you want to – of your own free will.

Christa Belle.  Just sittin' 'round and stuff.

Christa Belle. Just sittin' 'round and stuff.

Hungry Lucy on Jamendo

Even if you decide you don’t like Hungry Lucy you still owe me for turning you on to the most awesome music site on the internet.

My favourite Hungry Lucy album is To Kill A King which features the song I’ve listened to way too many times, My Beloved.  No crap.  I’ve logged hours listening to this song.  This might (might) explain (partially) how Skippy got to be this warped.  Okay.  Not really.  I was already warped before I listened to this song.


This song was my inspiration to do a series of horror photo shoots.  People killing each other.  Slitting throats.  Dead people coming back to life and killing for revenge.  Ya know, kittens and butterflies and  stuff like that.  I listened to this song over and over and over for hours while planning this shoot.  My Beloved sounds like a love song yet if you have a dark and twisted state of mind like I do there is something else to be found in the lyrics.

Christa Belle is cleared for lift-off.

Christa Belle is cleared for lift-off.

Christa has a fantastic voice.  There are no photos of her passed out drunk on the internet, unlike my girl LiLo.  Nor has Christa “accidentally” released a sex video in a desperate attempt to get attention, which I wish LiLo would do.  Like LiLo Christa does like Madonna . . . so she isn’t perfect.  Christa that is.  We know Madonna isn’t perfect.  Madonna isn’t even talented.  At least not since about 1987.  Even then it was questionable.

Christa has talent & class and rocks some amazing music with War-N, Trevor and Chloé.  But wait, there’s more.  Christa’s favourite past time, other than music?

B&W photography…the REAL kind, not digital J. btw, I like digital, but it just doesn’t compare to developing your own picture on real paper and watching it come to life before your eyes.

So there it is.  For being a talented vocalist, musician and lyric writer – for being a classy woman who doesn’t have skanky photos all over the internet – for participating in Jamendo and helping to change the future direction of the music industry – for inspiring me to take photos of people killing each otherfor liking cats and black & white photographyChrista Belle is this weeks Unicorn Butter Woman.

Christa Belle




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