Monday Unicorn Butter Women? Do I have to?

Crap I’m tired.  Ya know how tired you are after you’ve had sex for 2 hours?  Well, most of you guys don’t know.  And of course you women wish you did know.  Maybe it’s only the women who have had sex with me (or other women) who know what’s it’s like to go on and on and on for that long.  But let’s say you did know how tired you get after having sex for two hours.  That right there is how tired I am.

These have been eventful and trying times.  Mostly me trying to boink assorted Unicorn Butter Women.

I’m short.  On time that is.  That isn’t short.  That’s plenty long.  (What do you mean this isn’t six inches?)

This week has whole a batch of Unicorn Butter Women.  By the power vested in me by me I declare that all of the models who walked (shambled?) down the runway at Drop Dead Gore-geous are Unicorn Butter Women for a week.

Drop Dead Gore-geous was a fund raising benefit for the Turning Point Center for Youth & Family Development here in Fort Collins.  I was one of the photographers and also helped by giving the organizers shit now and then.  Mostly I just left them alone however as they were getting their asses kicked trying to pull this event off.  No, not pull off my penis, pull off this event.  Get your head out of the gutter.

Right this moment there are no photos of the models to post.

Did I mention I’m a photographer?

Did I mention that I’m backed up like hell?  No?  Well – I’m backed up like hell.  Not like the good kind of backed up, as in “back the ass up and sit on my face you sexy bitch” kinda backed up.  This is the kinda backed up where you are wondering which nights you are going to skip sleep in some sad attempt to get all the things done you gotta get done.

Once I’ve got some ass kicking photos of the ladies on the runway I’ll get ’em posted.  Just you keep your pants on.

Unless you are a Pornicorn.  Then you need to drop them skivvies.


Monday Unicorn Butter Women? Do I have to? — 2 Comments

  1. Damn right you better post some of the killer shots you took last night 😉 I can’t wait to see your awesomeness!!!

    •  Oh, you’ve already seen my awesomeness.  All 8 inches of it.  😛  You and most of the ladies in Fort Collins.  Damn I love being back stage with a bunch of hot zombie chycks.  Good thing it was dark and crowded.  🙂