Pornicorn Lily Cole

Pornicorn Lily Cole

Lily Cole

Lily Cole

A while back I got The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus from Netflix.  Yea, “got” it.  I as soooo behind the times that I still watch DVDs instead of on-line streaming.  Call me old fashioned.  That’s why I’m so good at knowing how to treat my bitches.  I mean women.

It’s a typical Terry Gilliam movie.  Bordering on brilliant, but not quite there.  I maintain the Brazil is his greatest movie.  That time he got it right.

One thing he got right in Parnassus however is Lily Cole.  Lily is a great fashion model with a rather strange and unique look which helps her stand out from the usual fashion model clonescape. She showed some acting skills in this movie.  And is of course she is totally delicious.


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