Unicorn News Issue 2

Unicorn News Issue 2

No I haven’t been around this week.  Yup.  Slacking again.  Time is short, the day is nice, I need to be outside . . . so I’m getting right to it.

LiLo, aka Lindsay aka Lindsay Lohan aka That Drunk Girl With The Ankle Bracelet has given the world two new things to look at.

I’m not sure what I’m looking at . . .

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Now I don’t know . . . but does that make any sense to you?  Maybe it’s not suppose to make sense.  Maybe it’s simply a voyage of self-discovery. In any case I congraduate LiLo on stayed sober(ish) for that long.

It gets worse tho.  Watch this . . .

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Now the sad part here isn’t even LiLo’s fault.  This photographer thinks he is doing a vampire photo shoot. I’ve seen some of this guys stuff in the past and some of it is pretty darn good.  But this?  He’s got LiLo and he’s doing vampire and this crap is the best he can come up with?  Really?  Really?

Let’s review these pictures.




Oh yawn.


Oh my, how static. I'm fall asleep.


You have an uber-hot chyck and you are going to make her into a vampire and this is your A-game? Really? That's all you've got?


Still boring. Boring!

LiLo vampire images are copyright Tyler Shields.

Going to the dollar store to get some plastic vampire teeth and bright red lipstick is not a concept for a photo shoot.  Just saying.

Good Photography

What is a concept for a photo shoot is Naked Girls with Masks.  Ben Hopper has allowed me to use the image below on the website.  I’m pretty sure you can figure out how this is relevant to Unicorn Butter Women.

Naked Girls with Mask - Unicorn - copyright Ben Hopper

Naked Girls with Mask - Unicorn - copyright Ben Hopper

Visit Ben Hopper’s website to see more of his photography.

Finally, Unicorn Warriors.

“Mounting their unicorns” . . . ?  I can’t make this stuff up.  Just goes to show you can’t control the power of the Unicorn.

And yes, the internet is indeed weird.  Want proof?  Look at this website.  Need I say more?

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Watch the Unicorn Warriors video on YouTube.

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