Tara Stiles = Unicorn Butter Woman

Tara Stiles

Tara Stiles


When it comes to delicious Unicorn Butter there is nothing better than a dish that is tasty of form and mind.  Thanks to the magic of the internet a wide selection of Unicorn Butter Women are just waiting for your discovery who can not only make you happy (you know what I mean) but also improve your life.

As a classic example of this I give you . . .

Unicorn Butter Woman Tara Stiles

Tara Stiles is a yoga chyck.  Now don’t get worried.  I’m not going to get all touchy-feely woo-woo on you.  Unless you are Tara Stiles that is.  I’d get all kinda touchy-feely on her.  You know what I mean.

Tara has a YouTube channel jam packed with delicious goodness that will keep you flowing with your yoga and going with your mind.

Tara can drop some deep thoughts on you, like cultivating awareness and intuition.

She expresses similar thoughts to mine about Facebook.  Useful but evil as well.
Her ten warning signs you may be addicted to Facebook is great.  And true.  I know a number of people who need to turn off the computer.  You know who you are . . .

She puts fantastic yoga routines on her YouTube.  Normally you would have to pay money for shit like this by taking a class or buying a DVD.  But Tara gives that stuff away for free.

I mean she gives yoga away for free.  Not that other stuff.  She’s saving that other stuff for me.  At least she is in my dreams.

A “clean, clear workspace”.  Now there is something that I need.  If you could see my office right now as I write this post you’d be wondering “how the fuck can he even find the computer under all that shit?”  I confess I don’t always take the advice of Ms. Stiles but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take her advice.

I do drink lots of water tho . . . to off-set the lots of coffee that I drink.

And if you can’t do yoga at work . . . get another job.

The very first video I ever saw by Tara will explain why I instantly fell in love.  Just watch this.

Seriously . . .  Is this yoga or porn?  Yea, I just went there.  Did you expect me to not go there?  I would so seriously like to do some down dog with this kitty.

I really like the way she does what she does without being all nose in the air about it.  Many yoga people have a reputation for being holier than thou ’cause they are so perfect.  As a counter-point to this I can say that I know a number of local yoga folks and none of them are like that at all.  They are some of the nicest people ever.  Watching Tara’s videos makes me feel like she’s my friend, sitting on the couch next to me. 

Then I’d put my hand on her knee and she’d slap the shit out of me.

But it would be worth it.  Tara can slap me all she wants and then some.

But let me go back to yaga ass-holes for a moment.  Tara has taken some flack in life.  To put it simply, ugly people in the yoga community have attacked her for being attractive and making money and not talking about yoga in woo-woo terms.  Oh Tara.  You are so . . . evil.  Truth is that even in the yoga community ugly people will always hate pretty people.

There there is this video.  It’s lacking something.  Wanna take a guess what’s missing?

What’s missing you fools if me all cuddled up with her.  Hell yea my bitches and bitchettes.

Even when she sells out and does car commercials she still looks cute and is funny.

“Do you smell muffins?” Hey dumb ass, you are right next to a super tasty delicious and adorable muffin. Are you an idiot??? I also like the fact that he says “it’s too sunny” when they are in the shade. Ahhh… Tara. Why don’t you do yoga with me? I’d be flexible.

There it is.  Tara Stiles is yet another example of what makes for the most perfect of Unicorn Butter Women.  Perfection of mind, body and spirit.

If you can hook me up with Tara just name your price.

What I would give to be in a hotel room with Tara . . .

If Tara can’t inspire you to start doing yoga nothing can.

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